Our Team

We’ll Love You Until You Can Love Yourself.

70% percent of our staff are in recovery themselves, many of whom went through our program here at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center.

We’re proud of our collective 130 years of sobriety because it means we found freedom from addiction, when we thought all hope was lost. We genuinely want that for you. We have helped thousands of people see the light of recovery, let us help you start your journey today.

We use time-tested as well as innovative evidence-based treatments combined with compassion to give people new hope and help them be honest with themselves. We can help you open up, face your fears, and build confidence, allowing you to get to the heart of your addiction and begin recovery.

The choice to change your life starts with a simple phone call. It’s time for you to make a “New Beginning.” Call one of our compassionate admissions counselors now. 406-453-5080.

Hear Michael's Recovery Story...From Loner to Loving Life.

Meet Our Team

Barry  width=

Barry Blenis
Executive Staff

Meet Barry

Jeff  width=

Jeff Quackenbush

Meet Jeff

Dr. Brice  width=

Dr. Brice Addison, MD
Medical Director

Meet Dr. Brice

Mary  width=

Mary Gray
Family Nurse Practitioner

Meet Mary

Kelly  width=

Kelly Wichman, LPN
Nursing Supervisor

Meet Kelly

Renee  width=

Renee Quackenbush

Meet Renee

Michele  width=

Michele Saubak
Administrative Supervisor/HR

Meet Michele

Lauren  width=

Lauren Ehlenfeldt
LAC, Family Program Coordinator

Meet Lauren

John   width=

John Johns
Clinical Director

Meet John

Steve   width=

Steve Sadowsky
Admissions Coordinator

Meet Steve

Jacque   width=

Jacque Kost
Administrative Assistant to the Clinical Director

Meet Jacque

LaDonna   width=

LaDonna Loney
Equine Program Manager

Meet LaDonna

Jackie   width=

Jackie Skelton
Admissions Team

Meet Jackie

Jorri   width=

Jorri Stewart
Treatment Assistant

Meet Jorri

John   width=

John Zollinger
Treatment Assistant

Meet John

Jennie   width=

Jennie Pacot
Treatment Assistant

Meet Jennie

Todd   width=

Todd Bruck
Kitchen Supervisor

Meet Todd

Helen   width=

Helen Buell

Meet Helen

Kasey   width=

Kasey Godfrey
Outreach Coordinator

Meet Kasey

Carlos  width=

Carlos Malaver Parada

Meet Carlos

Denyalle  width=

Denyalle Corner
Health Information Technician

Meet Denyalle

Steve   width=

Steve Messman

Meet Steve

Leanna   width=

Leanna Darko
Admissions Coordinator

Meet Leanna

Alta   width=

Alta Sollars
Administrative Assistant

Meet Alta

Keith   width=

Keith Wiley

Meet Keith

Patrick   width=

Patrick Mulkey
Treatment Assistant

Meet Patrick

Scott   width=

Scott Jaynes

Meet Scott

Robert  width=

Robert TakesEnemy Jr.
Treatment Assistant

Meet Robert

Amanda   width=

Amanda Norlin
Treatment Assistant

Meet Amanda

Becca   width=

Becca Foley

Meet Becca

Dustin   width=

Dustin Dickey
Treatment Assistant

Meet Dustin

Charity   width=

Charity Gessaman

Meet Charity

Danielle   width=

Danielle Knudsen

Meet Danielle

Lawrence   width=

Lawrence Tolson
Treatment Assistant

Meet Lawrence

Jolanda   width=

Jolanda Brown
Treatment Assistant

Meet Jolanda

Brian   width=

Brian Miller
Treatment Assistant

Meet Brian

Marcie   width=

Marcie Dardis
Board Member

Meet Marcie

Barry   width=

Barry Dardis
Board Member

Meet Barry

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We've Been There. We Can Help.
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