Spiritual Programs

Finding Your Higher Power

Our Spiritual Programs will guide you in finding your higher power -- Whatever makes sense to you and gives you courage and strength. It is an individual choice. It may be God, nature, the universe . . .You have the freedom to define your own higher power, we will are simply here to help you start down the path to contentment and peace.

"If your life to God is worth saving....your life to you is worth savoring."
-- Levi Lusko

  • Optional Bible Studies held five nights per week.
  • A place to have questions or concerns answered.
  • Overcoming fears of believing in a higher power.
  • Understanding the difference between Religion and Spirituality.
  • Judgement free spiritual conversations.
  • Non-Denominational.
  • Additionally, clients have the option to participate in the Wellbriety program facilitated by a counselor. Wellbriety includes the spiritual principles based on Native American culture and overall interconnectedness. Clients taking part in Wellbriety will have to opportunity to attend sweats at a local sweat lodge and work through mind mapping to better assess identity, purpose and direction.

It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up.
-- Eckhart Tolle

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center great Falls MT

Our building, constructed in 1922, was built with bricks, mortar and sandstone carvings to enhance structural integrity, which was not common at the time.

The structural integrity of our building mirrors the integrity you will find in our Spiritual Programs – honesty, high moral values, and consistency.

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Find a Power Greater Than Yourself

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center offers an optional Bible Study in our Serenity Room. The name says it all; it is a place of peace and serenity. Clients also have the option of attending New City Church or Solid Rock Bible Church on Sunday mornings.

Key to recovery

Key To Recovery

Unlock the door to a new life.


Spiritual Program

Opening the door to recovery.

12 Step Program

12-Step Program

Walk the steps to success.


Optional Church Service

Have faith in your recovery.

Struggling with Addiction?
We've Been There, We Can Help.

However, currently we do not accept Medicaid or Medicare as a form of payment. Financing options are available.

We've Been There. We Can Help.
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