The best way to describe Rocky Mountain Treatment Center is to hear it from the people who have been here.

The testimonials we receive inspire us each and every day!

My name is Colton H. I’m 24 years old, and I am an alcoholic. I’m not sure if it was my age or my attitude, but I was resilient in believing so. I couldn’t bear the thought of going to a treatment center at such a young age. I just couldn’t grasp the concept that I had a problem. But RMTC isn’t any ordinary treatment center. Although still hesitant, I felt a sense of welcome right as I walked through the doors, and that was just the tip of the iceberg. My experience was surreal. I gained mass amounts of valuable knowledge and tools during my stay. The nursing staff was excellent in making sure I obtained all my medical needs, and they were very friendly in doing so.

The cooking staff did a great job making a variety of tasteful food and always made sure we got enough to eat. Most importantly, the counselors & TA’s were very friendly, yet professional in educating me on the tools necessary for sobriety. They were always there with open ears in times of need and could somehow relate to me if I had doubts or insecurities.

RMTC isn’t just a place where you fill out paperwork and go through the motions. It’s a place where I learned to practice my spirituality in my life long search for peace & serenity. One of my favorite experiences was the equine therapy. I’ve always loved horses but didn’t fully realize the connection between us. Watching the horse circle the ring, slowing to a slow meandering walk as I slowed my heart rate & began to relax. It was if I was looking into a mirror of my emotions. It gave me a deeper sense of myself and what behavioral changes I needed to make. Truly something that no counselor could have done.

Lastly, I feel very blessed to have been able to go through this. It gave me a great insight into myself and my addiction. I was a downward spiral to self-destruction, and I have everyone to thank at RMTC for helping me believe that after every storm, there’s sunshine. Although, this is just the beginning.

 Colton H

The horse program intrigued me, especially the closeness horses and people share. Growing up rodeoing, I always thought of a horse as a work animal or performance, not as a therapy animal. I learned trust issues, being as I had trust issues. I learned how to trust myself, and then the horse trusted me. I had emotional baggage, and the horse could sense that. I had to be in the moment I had to focus on the now - forget about the past, forget tomorrow and focus on today.

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center taught me; I am not alone! Help is a phone a call away. They also guided me on how to establish and maintain boundaries. I am the type of person who did not want to cause any waves. Instead, I would just go with the flow. Growing up, I had to keep my mouth shut, or I would get smacked. For my recovery, I must say something. It is my recovery! I must set boundaries.

My husband is an alcoholic. In recovery, I changed my playground and playmates except him. I remained sober, BUT I was smoking cannabis. I told myself for years, “It is only an herb” – wrong! It is a mood-altering drug and a cross-addiction. Marijuana does not let you deal with your addiction and your feelings. And, that is how I white knuckled it for fifty years.

I love Cody to death for getting that message through to me. Trudy, hats off to Trudy. Trudy gave me her lecture on how long the THC stays in the brain – longer than any other substance out there. I have permeant short term memory loss because of chronic cannabis use. It is an excellent program. My advice, be a sponge! I am on a new journey, and it is exciting!


I started my addiction career at age 14. I started on inhalants, then drinking, and then meth. I thought I was in control, but it spiraled out of, there was no controlling anything.

There was love when I walked through the doors. The first words I heard while walking up the stair was, “You do not have to live like this!” It felt like I stepped into my grandmother’s house. I was instantly at peace. Another turning point for me was in Bible Study. Jeff said, “You need to rest at God’s feet.” Those simple words gave me the strength to face my problems.

Equine Therapy was amazing and empowering. The counselors, wow! Yesterday I was feeling up and down about my graduating today and going out into the world. These new emotions brought me hope – I actually had emotions unlike when on the drugs. This place is perfect!


“Coming here was the best thing I have ever done. Coming here, helped me get out of myself and become the person I always dreamed of being. I have never been a religious person. RMTC opened my eyes to a higher power. It is a cool feeling to know you have a higher power and on those days you feel alone, you are not alone.

The staff are all so relatable and gave me lots of tools to use. I was so afraid of Family Week. Confrontation is not an easy thing to do. I exposed myself to my family. It helped me and my family move on. Family week as hard as it was - was favorite. I felt the most amazing sense of relief. I feel good. I feel really good. Today I graduate. I am thankful!”