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Rocky Mountain saved my life. I was "terminally unique" when I came. I had a rationalization for all the craziness in my life caused by alcohol - the common theme being it was someone else's fault. The staff here get it - most of them are in recovery themselves. They were able to show me my "stinking thinking" and gave me the tools to live a meaningful sober life. I am eternally grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the whole Rocky Mountain team!
- Thomas

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center has been the catalyst to my recovery. It was the best decision my family, and I have made towards healing. I was extremely nervous and afraid to come to treatment but was immediately comforted and welcomed. I was able to heal physically, and have all the tools I need to continue mental and emotional healing upon graduation. I could form bonds with peers that will continue.
- Amy

My name is Chris. After struggling with Alcoholism for over 30 years, the center opened my eyes to a new life. The counseling and care I received were excellent! The tools for a sober life that they taught me I will always use, “one day at a time.” I am writing this with a heart full of gratitude because the treatment center saved my life. I thank God every day for bringing me there. Always Grateful
- Chris

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We've Been There. We Can Help.
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