Find the hope, healing, and tools to break free from the power addiction and improve your quality of life

Struggling With Addiction? We've Been There. We Can Help.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

Breaking Free From the Grip of Addiction May Seem Impossible…But There is Hope.

We understand that you feel hopeless, like your life is spinning out of control. We know what you’re going through, because we’ve been there too…

At Rocky Mountain Treatment Center, we are more than just a treatment center; we are a community that cares. We offer a unique, holistic approach to addiction recovery. Our mission is to provide hope, love, and healing to those trapped in addiction, helping them improve their quality of life and live abundantly. Welcome to a place where you can heal, grow, and transform your life.

Our Unique Approach

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We've Been There, We Can Help

Our staff's personal experiences with addiction and recovery allow us to connect with you on a deeper level. We provide relatable, compassionate guidance and support, making us different from those who haven't walked in your shoes.

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Addressing Root Issues

We focus on addressing the root causes of addiction, not just the symptoms. Our goal is to equip you with the tools and coping skills needed for lasting recovery.

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Faith and Spirituality

While our program is not religious, we offer opportunities for spiritual growth. Many clients find a higher power and solace in faith during their time with us, leading to profound personal transformation.

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Family Focused

We believe in repairing relationships and building a strong support network. Our family week program and ongoing family support initiatives ensure your loved ones are included in your recovery process.

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Building Community

Isolation is deadly; connection is key. We foster a sense of community through our aftercare program, alumni events, and continual support, ensuring you are never alone on your journey.

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Personalized Care

At our small, 26-bed facility with a low client-to-staff ratio, we provide personalized, family-oriented care where everyone is known by name and always has access to counselors, ensuring no one slips through the cracks.

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Comprehensive Holistic Treatment

30-day Intensive Inpatient Program

Our holistic treatment approach addresses the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of addiction. Our 30-day intensive inpatient program, with an option for extension, includes:

  • Medically Monitored Detox
  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Equine Therapy
  • Family Week
  • Recreational Activities
  • Support Meetings

Continuous Community & Support

Our Commitment To Your Recovery Extends Beyond Your Stay With Us

We believe in the power of community and we offer comprehensive case management and follow-up care to ensure a seamless transition from treatment to everyday life. Includes:

  • Weekly group therapy via Zoom
  • Annual alumni events
  • Continual check-ins to foster long-term relationships
  • Ongoing support

Our comprehensive aftercare program ensures that you have the ongoing support necessary to maintain your sobriety and continue growing in your recovery journey.

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Our Commitment To You

Authenticity and Non-Judgment

We practice rigorous authenticity and openness. Our environment is free from shame, encouraging you to share your story without fear of judgment.

Empathy and Relatability

We understand what you're going through because we've been there ourselves. Over 80% of our staff are in recovery, bringing firsthand experience and deep understanding to guide you through your journey.

We'll Meet You Where You're At

We meet you where you are, offering nonjudgmental love and a genuine connection.

An Opportunity For A Fresh Start

You have a choice to play a part in your recovery. This is a new opportunity, a blank canvas, a new chapter, to reenter your life.

Cutting Edge Equine Asissted Therapy For Addiction

Healing With Horses

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center is one of the few addiction treatment programs nationally and the only program in Montana to offer Equine Therapy, which focuses on getting to the root of what feeds the addiction. Horses sense and respond to people's feelings and honesty.

The client builds a relationship with the horse free of judgment. This new non-judgmental environment leads to healing.

Equine Therapy shortens the honesty cycle, by breaking downs barriers to get to the heart of the problem.

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We’ll love you until you can love yourself.


How To Get Started

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  2. Experience Hope & Healing
  3. Get Your Quality of Life Back

We Understand Starting Your Recovery Journey Can't Wait, Which Is Why We Make The Admissions Process Easy By Offering:

  • A simple one-page Intake Form
  • Same Day Admissions
  • Complimentary pick-up anywhere in Montana

Struggling with Addiction?
We've Been There, We Can Help.

However, currently we do not accept Medicaid or Medicare as a form of payment. Financing options are available.

We've Been There. We Can Help.
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