Sense of Humor

Sense of Humor If you have been reading my blog, you have probably surmised that I use humor in my communication style. Or try to! I find that when I am talking about difficult subjects; addiction, depression and the challenges of daily living, just to name a few, it helps to keep a wrinkle in […]

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Our Best Thinking Got Us Here

Our Best Thinking Got Us Here Isn’t it interesting how every thought is a brilliant idea the moment we have it, only to be reclassified (often) later on? Let’s face it: everything is a brilliant idea at first. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t have thought it up! However, the more we think about it, sometimes

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Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow

Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow Let me see if I’ve got this right: I continuously have difficult things in my life. What gets me through the hard stuff today is a hope of a better tomorrow. But today is yesterday’s hope of a better tomorrow, so what went wrong? Eventually, you would think this pattern would

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50% Bananas

50% Bananas One of the big things going on out in the new world today is people are having their DNA tested to find out what their ethnic makeup actually is. It has become part of a search that many people conduct to try and figure out who they are, like they don’t know already.

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The Lucky Ones

The Lucky Ones “Alcoholism is the only disease that I know of where you can be more well after developing it than you were before you had it.” Stormy K. Today, we are the lucky ones. I have been graced with the opportunity to share with you a great reminder of incredible importance. We are

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Molly: Selfish to Selfless

Molly: Selfish to Selfless My most recent interview with a Rocky Mountain Treatment Center graduate was with Molly. At the time we met, she had been sober for four months for the first time in many years. She is one incredibly enthusiastic woman about recovery. Molly shared with me that she truly believes she was

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Ten Questions Commonly Asked by Clients Entering an Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Ten Questions Commonly Asked by Clients Entering an Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center If you are considering inpatient treatment, congratulations, recognizing you have a problem and becoming willing to explore treatment options are very hard things to do! Finding the right treatment center can be difficult and you probably have many questions about what

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How to Manufacture a Miracle

How to Manufacture a Miracle You picked a good day to check out my blog, because today I am going to share an incredibly wonderful secret with you. It could change your life if you allow it. I believe it is at least worth your consideration. Here goes… A blessing is like a birthday cake.

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Addiction is Progressive

Addiction is Progressive I’ve heard a number of people question whether or not alcoholism and addiction are actually diseases. To put the matter to rest, let us define a disease. In the simplest definition possible, a disease is a condition that is harmful, progressive and if left untreated, fatal. Using this definition, alcoholism and addiction

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