Addiction Recovery Is An Action Program…Thinking Will Not Save You

Make It Happen, Captain!

Recovery is an action program, it is not something you can think or plan your way through. Once you know how it works, it’s time to get on with the program. Today, I have been placed before you to encourage you in this process.

C’mon, today is the day. Today is the day we quit complaining about what is wrong with our lives and start building on what is right. If things are ever going to get better, why not today? We will purposefully spend less time planning things for tomorrow and spend more time on addressing things today. If possible, we get after it now.

I don’t know about you, but I have had enough misery in my life. I spent a great deal of it in fear and shame. I passively just let life happen to me and a lot of it just passed me by. I was a willow in the wind. It almost cost me my life to find out that the reason good things weren’t happening for me was because I wasn’t making anything good happen. That was concurrently the biggest disappointment and most blessed news I’ve ever heard. That’s when the onus was on me and I decided that it was time to make some really wonderful things happen. The time of marginalized living is over. It’s time to live happy, joyous and free.

So today, do something, anything, to improve your life. Make sure you take your meds. Get some exercise. Eat good food. Get proper rest. Laugh. And if you can’t do that, make someone else laugh. None of this is just going to happen on its own. This thing called life is no longer a dress rehearsal. If we are ever to have any hope of living a rewarding and fulfilling life, it is always incumbent upon us to make it happen. Today is always the day to finally start living.

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