Family Program

Family Counseling for Addiction Program Includes:

Family Education

A day-long workshop to educate families on the disease of dependency, self-care, and co-dependency (co-addiction), how to cope and create healthy boundaries, and provide support for the recovery of their loved one, How to cope and create healthy boundaries, and provide support for the recovery of their loved one.

Family Group Counseling

Helps clients and family members to understand how addiction has affected family relationships and provides education, practice in healthy communication and support to family members in a positive way.

Family Individual Counseling

Unites families with their loved ones in an individual combined therapy session. In addition to family drug and alcohol counseling, Rocky Mountain Treatment Center incorporates family input in aftercare planning (as per authorization granted by each client) with the client’s loved ones.

The Impact of Addiction

Addiction has an impact on every member of a household, from the oldest members of the family to infants.  When someone in your home has a drug or alcohol problem,

everyone feels the consequences of chemical dependence, and everyone needs help dealing with these devastating effects. 


At Rocky Mountain Treatment Center our Family Program provides counseling, education and preventive resources for families as well as the individuals. Our caring and compassionate staff focuses on many key factors during Family Program, such as:

  • Creating a home environment that supports health and sobriety
  • Building stronger, more effective relationships within the family
  • Identifying at-risk family members who may be the targets of abuse or violence
  • Reinforcing the authority of parents and guardians
  • Preventing younger generations from adopting addictive behaviors
  • Helping family members heal from the destructive effects of addiction

"Each addict effects on average 10 to 30 people in their close circle. The more individuals who understand the nonfunctioning family member will result in healing compassion." - Jeff Quackenbush

"The only person you are destined to become...
is the person you decide to be."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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The National Institute of Drug Abuse and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
recommend family therapy be incorporated into any substance abuse treatment therapy.