Jeff Quackenbush

Jeff Quackenbush

Jeff Quackenbush


Both Barry and Jeff were raised in upstate New York. Barry was a dear friend of Jeff’s parents, and later developed a close friendship with Jeff.

Jeff started his career working in the hospitality field in Florida, while Barry planted roots in the banking field and became involved in many benevolent organizations, including Capital City Rescue Mission in Albany, New York.

In 2008, Jeff went through a debilitating divorce and moved to Montana to start a new life. “I know what it is like to lose everything, start over and go to a place of humility.” – Jeff

Barry was there for Jeff every step of the way. Over a span of fifty years, they remained close friends. In 2015, they found an opportunity to combine their interests, expertise, and passions at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center.

Through a channel of heart, hope, honesty, and compassion, three years later they continue to help guide people from the darkness of addiction to the sunlight of the spirit.

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