Jackie Skelton

Jackie S

Jackie Skelton
Admissions Team

I was born and raised in Redmond Washington and moved to Montana when I was 15 yrs. old with my mother, father and horses to chase a passion I had for the big open sky. I’m a mother of two amazing boys, we have a horse and two dogs that we all enjoy being in the mountains with. I have always been a career driven woman who felt lost in what I was doing, not being able to put my caring, always helping self to good use. I always would ask myself “what am I meant to do on this earth”? I knew I needed to do some soul searching to find what I’m passionate about and that’s helping people. By working at Rocky mountain Treatment Center I know I have a purpose and a reason, by giving back to those who need our help the most, those who are helpless and lost in their struggle with addiction. I am someone who struggles with addiction in my family and friends, this gives me the compassion for those who struggle with addiction themselves. My goal is to someday become an equine therapist to help people start loving themselves again and regaining confidence. I’m excited to be apart of the rocky mountain team and I can’t wait to learn all I can about addiction and its disease.

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