Alvin Thayne


Alvin Thayne
Treatment Assistant

I grew up in Utah until I was 13, then I moved to Lewistown, Montana.  I did not fit in well in high school, got into a lot of trouble and ended up going to Montana Youth Challenge Program when I was 16. After completion of that, I worked various odd jobs, among them was a traveling carnival.  I was a recreational drinker and marijuana smoker.

When I was 22, I was introduced to meth and cocaine while working a job building grain bins.  I then began my career as a welder in Wyoming. At this time, I began a relationship with my now wife, Alice, and my relationship with meth, marijuana, and alcohol blossomed. I knew I had a problem, but I was not ready the 1st time. I did it for my wife, the 2nd time I did it for myself to better my family.

I came to Rocky both times. I was not the easiest client that they have had here, I challenged everyone including myself.  Shortly after I graduated the 2nd time, I began chairing Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings 3 nights a week, as well as the ones I was attending the other days. I traveled hundreds of miles to participate in the Program.

When I was 90 days clean and sober, I started at Rocky as a Treatment Assistant.  I wanted to pay it forward and give back and share my strength, hope, and wisdom. I am now 11 months clean and sober and working a solid recovery program.

I am a better husband, father, friend, and son today after coming to Rocky.  I am looking forward to doing the things I love to do (camping, dirt biking, and fishing), clean and sober with my kids. The support system I have in the sober community and at home is amazing.

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