Steve Sadowsky

Steve Sadowski

Steve Sadowsky
Admissions Coordinator

I started my journey in recovery in January 2017.  I’ve been an addict and alcoholic since I was 16 years old.  I had a family with 3 kids, a home, and a great job as an electrician and because of my using lost everything and became distant from my kids.  I reached out for help and went to in-patient treatment and at 6 months sober started working at Rocky as a Treatment Assistant in August 2017.  About a year and a half later I was promoted to Admissions Coordinator.  I am usually the first person someone talks to when reaching out for help, either for themselves or a loved one.  I can honestly share with them that there is hope for the suffering addict and alcoholic.

My passion is helping people find recovery through the discovery in treatment.  And today my relationship with my kids is indescribable! Through working the 12 Steps I have a life I never could’ve dreamed of.

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