La Donna

La Donna

La Donna
Treatment Assistant

My name is La Donna. I am a loving wife, mother of 3, and Grammy to 2 beautiful grandchildren.

I introduced myself to meth to find out why it was chosen over in my personal life. It took over my life for a year and a half. When I got possession, it saved my life.

I have been in Intensive Outpatient Therapy for Misfits in Great Falls, MT, and clean for 11 months. My counselor saw the light come back on in my eyes and encouraged me to apply at RMTC. I have found my niche and true purpose in life; with my education, being raised on a ranch, self-employment, and 10 years in law enforcement.

I love the support and the values that RMTC is founded on and I am looking forward to my future here. I am giving back to those who struggle with addiction and helping guide them on their path to recovery. I am right where I need to be in this crazy beautiful life!

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