Jacque Kost

jacque kost

Jacque Kost
Administrative Assistant to the Clinical Director

I grew up in a dysfunctional household with an alcoholic drug addicted single mother in Aberdeen, WA.  I was abused growing up and introduced to drugs and alcohol when I was 14.  I struggled for about 25 years with my addiction and abusive toxic relationships.  I overdosed in June 2019 and woke up in the hospital.  My brother was there when I woke up and I asked him to find me a treatment center as far away as possible from Washington.  That’s when I came to Rocky Mountain Treatment Center.

After I graduated, I went to a sober living home in Billings, MT.  After a while, I decided I needed to “give back”, and came to RMTC to work as a Treatment Assistant
(TA), after 7 months I was promoted to Admissions Coordinator.  I love what I do here.  I get to share my experience, strength, and hope with the clients and watch the spark come back into their eyes when they discover their Higher Power working in their lives.  I recently started a 12 Step meeting in Great Falls with some people in the Program, participate in The Sober Life, and just celebrated 21 months clean and sober!

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