Brianna Grismer

Brianna G

Brianna Grismer
Case Manager

Welcome! My name is Brianna and I’m grateful to be employed by Rocky Mountain since 2021. I’m a recovering addict and I’ve been clean since early 2020. Sobriety has given me strength that I could not imagine while I was under the influence. I use my strength to help others find their strength and gain back the life many of us thought we lost forever. If you have made it to this Bio, you are probably looking at treatment for yourself or someone you love and if you’re unsure that treatment can help let me, just ask, what can it hurt? In 30 short days life could change drastically and why not let it change for the better. Something I learned in recovery is everything I thought I would never be strong enough to overcome I overcame and I overcame all of it sober.

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