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Dr. Brice Addison, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Addison attended Mayo Medical School and Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Medicine. He is board certified in internal medicine and addiction. Dr. Addison has worked in long-term care since 1984.

He is also a member of the Great Falls Symphonic Choir and the American College of Physicians. When he has free time, he enjoys skiing, hiking, mountain biking, bicycling, opera and the symphony.

It is never too late to be what you might have been.

T.S. Eliot

Mary Gray, FNP

Internal Medicine, Primary Care

Mary E Gray is a Nurse Practitioner Specialist in Great Falls, Montana. She graduated with honors in 1988. Having more than 29 years of diverse experiences, especially in NURSE PRACTITIONER, Mary E Gray affiliates with many hospitals including Benefits Hospitals Inc, Great Falls Clinic Hospital, and cooperates with other doctors and specialists in medical group Benefits Hospitals, Inc.

Mary Gray provides an invaluable medical service for the clients at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center.

It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing.

Mother Teresa

Barry Blenis

Executive Staff

Both raised in Upstate New York, Barry was a dear friend of Jeff’s parent’s and later shared that same friendship with Jeff.

Jeff started a new journey working in the hospitality field in Florida, while Barry planted roots in the banking field and became involved in many benevolent organizations. One being – Capital City Rescue Mission.

Jeff Quackenbush


In 2008 Jeff went through a debilitating divorce and moved to Montana to start a new life. “I know what it is like to lose everything, start over and go to a place of humility.” – Jeff

Barry was there for Jeff every step of the way. Over the span of fifty years, they remained close friends. In 2015, They found an opportunity at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center to combine their interests, expertise, and passions.

Through a channel of; heart, hope, honesty, and compassion two years later they continue to help people turn off the dark in their lives and guide them to the light.

Treatment never fails . . . But it doesn’t always succeed . . . For Treatment to be successful it must be received.

Jeff Quackenbush

Marcie Dardis

Board Member

As alumni of Rocky Mountain Treatment Center, and someone who is in recovery for over 34 years, I realize the importance of this center.

I am a Licensed Addictions Counselor and LPN. Starting out as a Treatment Assistant and later a counselor - I worked at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center for over 30 years. I also worked in Washington at an adolescent addiction intervention center.

Working with addicts and behavioral health is my passion. I serve on the board at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center to ensure the clinical integrity of the program.

Amazing Grace.

Marci Dardis

Barry Dardis

Board Member

My son was in recovery at 16 years old, and -- I was still drinking. I had to quit. I went through treatment at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center in 1984 and have been in recovery since. My first year in recovery I did not attend AA. I was in a men’s prayer group and thought that could replace AA. When I attended my first AA meeting the man chairing it said, Spirituality will save your soul; AA will save your sobriety. From then on, I attended meetings regularly.

I have worked in the telephone business all my life, consulting, area manager and now I give seminars on inductive interference.

Addiction is powerful and baffling. It affects people regardless of their social status. I see it over and over.

Being on board at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center, my mission is to make sure it continues to be an asset for addiction recovery for our community.

Addiction affects people regardless of their social status.

Barry Dardis

Scott Jaynes - LAC

Clinical Director

I am a Licensed Addictions Counselor and the Clinical Director at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center. I graduated in 2005, from the University of Great Falls with an associate’s degree in Addictions Counseling. I began working at RMTC about five years ago. I truly believe this is my calling. To watch a person work through their fears and see the change happen in their eyes is truly a miracle and inspiration.

I know what hopelessness and apathy feel like – there is nothing left in the tank -- when you are so lonely that it physically hurts. I have also experienced the other side, the side of recovery -- the feeling of peace and serenity.

Our program is 12-step based for which I am very passionate. It is a design for living that brings about hope and purpose.

There is nothing so bad that a drink or a drug will not make worse.

Scott Jaynes

Jessica Hofer, LAC, PATH

Equine Therapy Counselor

I have always loved horses. I am a Licensed Addiction Counselor, and a PATH certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor. Individuals who come through Rocky Mountain Treatment Center’s program fail to see the blind spots they have been living in. Horses help you to become honest with yourself, shortening the honesty cycle portion of addiction treatment.

I am an addict. I have been clean and sober for over nine years. The external motivator for me to get help was; almost losing my son. I am continuing to work my individualized program. It took much to heart; I hate this disease, but addiction recovery is a real thing. My favorite part of my job is working with fresh/raw addicts and watching them find hope again.

I practice what I preach; do not ask my clients to do anything I would not do. We get out of our comfort zone together. My reputation is; I am a hard ass, but an awesome one. I feel blessed to “get” to live the American dream.

She had so many lies built up; she forgot how to be honest. Our Equine Therapy taught her how to be honest again.

Jessica Hofer

Terrie Sandstrom, LAC

Family Programs Counselor

I have worked in several treatment programs around central Montana over the years. I first started working at Rocky Moutain Treatment Center in 1996 and have been engaged as a counselor off and on over the years. I currently am the Family Counselor for Rocky Mountain.

I first became aware of the process of the family program when I participated in a program with a family member. It was at that time I was able to identify my own alcoholism and participated in treatment for myself.

After 33 years as a counselor, it is still imperative to me that families of addicts/alcoholics get help to understand the disease of addiction. It also benefits the individual in treatment if the family has a better understanding of the recovery process and resources available for their loved one.

It is encouraging to see more acceptance of the fact that addiction is a treatable disease.

Terrie Sandstrom

Cody Pardue, LAC

Addiction Counselor

I hold an associate’s degree in addiction counseling, bachelors in psychology, and I am currently working on my master’s degree in mental health.

I chose this profession because I feel it is my purpose to be a messenger and advocate for addiction. After relapsing in 2009, I knew I was heading back to my old behaviors and needed to reevaluate. From that time on, I have been in recovery.

I love working for Rocky Mountain Treatment Center. I enjoy the intensity of the treatment, philosophy, and the opportunity to continue learning.

Patience is the companion of wisdom.

Cody Pardue

Trudy J. Nelson, LAC


I am passionate about serving individuals, and their families, suffering from the disease of dependency. I believe in one alcoholic/addict helping another.

After entering the Army, during the Viet Nam era, and completing my basic training, I completed medical corpsman training and laboratory technician training. The next few years I sowed some ‘wild-child’ oats and had a good start on my secondary ‘career’ as a budding alcoholic.

“It was a dark and stormy night . . .” No, it was an early morning on a Thanksgiving weekend and looking at the left-over bottle from the evening before, I got scared. I asked for help that day. That was a few ‘today’s’ ago, and by the grace of my Higher Power, I remain abstinent from alcohol and other mood-altering substances.

I believe in what I do!

There is hope for anyone who seeks help!

Trudy J. Nelson, LAC

Tammi Coffey - LCPC, LMFT

Mental Health Counselor

I have a BA in Psychology and an MS in counseling with an emphasis on marriage and family from the University of Northern Colorado. I have a diverse population of clients I have worked with over the last 17 years of my career. The main reason I applied for the Mental Health Counselor at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center is that I wanted to contribute to my experience there.

My addiction became active after having gastric bypass surgery. Not being able to turn to comfort food like in the past when I was stressed, I turned to alcohol. I felt completely helpless and stayed in denial for some time. My wake-up call was the day I was going to drink at work. I was done drinking that day. My recovery story started ten years ago at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center. I am a grateful recovering alcoholic.

Recovery for me, allows me to remain in a place of peace and serenity while continuing to be honest with myself.

Just for Today!

Tammi Coffey

Kelly Wichman LPN

Nursing Supervisor

I started working at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center in 2015. I am very passionate about changing the world’s view of addiction. I believe addiction is a disease and not a moral defect. Addiction is not a choice – recovery is.

I have been in recovery for almost six years. Today I am no longer paralyzed by fear. My desire is to help people find out who they are as individuals. This is a blessing for me – I get to know the real you.

We have great programs to assist in helping people become honest. Our group therapy enlightens them to their addiction by being able to see the disease through the others in the group. I love anything related to mental health and passionate for human behavior.

I am free from the chains which bound and imprisoned my soul!

Kelly Wichman

Sasha Cook, RN


After receiving my RN in 2011, I started out working in a Transplant ICU for several years. After witnessing the horrific effects that drugs and alcohol have on the body of addicts, I chose to work in a field that would help prevent people from the tortures of continuing down that path.

It is my goal to ensure health and safety, especially during the detox period. I support each through the transition of withdrawal in a relaxing stress-free environment.

I started working at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center in 2014. Since that day I found joy in being part of a team that helps offer a second chance in life.

My goal is to help each client transition through their withdrawal in a relaxing stress-free environment.

Sasha Cook

Betty Smith, RN


I worked for Rocky Moutain Treatment several years ago, I am back, and I love it. I love what happens here.

After being in the profession for over 26 years, I find the joy every day in helping people to help themselves. I treat every person who walks through our doors as an individual.

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.

Desmond Tutu

James Winters

Case Manager

I oversee collecting information to help the individual in treatment, and their families receive the services they need to promote quality, effective addiction treatment. I am the single point of contact for many of the services. I do more than coordinate, consolidate and organize the individual’s treatment plan. As the Case Manager, I do all the continuing care planning for clients and help locate Sober Living Homes and aftercare resources. My favorite aspect of the job position is, I get to interact with the individual – I get to share my story and give them hope.

I have been sober for 17 years. I struggled with addiction for almost 15 years right – and landed in prison. I credit my mom for giving me the foundation of faith. Without my faith to call on in my darkest hours, my life as an addict may have continued.

I love what Rocky Mountain Treatment Center offers. I love that I get to offer my knowledge, experience, strength, and hope to others going through addiction.

I had to be caged up with no way out – to surrender to my addiction.

James Winters

Chris Vermillion

Treatment Assistant Supervisor

Almost five years ago Rocky Mountain Treatment Center saved my life. In 2012, hopeless and lost I came to treatment here. I was tired – finished. My counselor asked whether I wanted to live or die. RMTC helped me realize; I wanted to live. The staff showed me more love than I have ever felt in my whole life. I am truly blessed to get to work here and pay it forward.

After my completion of treatment, I was looking for a job. I was first hired as a housekeeper, worked my way up to maintenance, Treatment Assistant, and now, I am the Treatment Assistant Supervisor. Rocky Mountain Treatment Center taught me to look for all the little miracles out there.

Look for all the little miracles in life!

Chris Vermillion

Amanda Kelly

Treatment Assistant

Both my parents have been in recovery for 35+ years. Therefore, I have been around addiction recovery my entire life. I went through Rocky Mountain Treatment Center’s in-patient program in 2015. It was not until I surrendered to the AA program that I was able to begin my journey to recovery. I have been sober ever since. I hold a Master’s in Organizational Management and a Bachelor's in Accounting.

I am blessed to get to witness the transformation of broken to lives rebuilt. I love what I do!

Pain is a necessity for growth – walk through it or get stuck.

Amanda Kelly

Joe Clampitt

Treatment Specialist

I went through treatment ant Rocky Mountain Treatment Center, three years ago. It was life changing. I felt safe here, and my counselors were loving and caring. If I can recover, anyone can recover.

I want to give to others; hope and compassion. I want to help you recognize each accomplishment, see the positives in life, and change your old negative way of thinking. You are worthy of recovery. Along with keeping myself right, my passion is my daughters.

If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes!

Joe Clampitt

Anthony James

Treatment Assistant

I am a night-shift treatment assistant at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center. I enjoy my job more every day.

My recovery story is my dad’s recovery story. My memories of my father started after he went through treatment. He has been there for me every day of my life. If he would not have got clean and sober, who knows if I would have had a father growing up. I am proud of my dad and everyone who walks through our doors.

Besides my job, like my dad, I love to drive fast cars. You can find me most summer nights at the racetrack.

My recovery story is my dad’s recovery story.

Anthony James

John Zollinger

Treatment Assistant

I came to Great Falls, MT searching for a different way of life. The only life I knew was a life of drugs and alcohol. I was running from that life. However, it was not until I ran to people who could help that I could start my recovery process.

I have been living a clean and sober life for over six years. I want to tell my story to our clients and help them trust that they too can overcome addiction.

At Rocky Mountain Treatment Center, we care about you!

I was trying to run away from my addiction.

John Zollinger

Mary Black

Director of Admissions / Financial

I spent six great years in the Air Force as a Medical Administration with the Air Force in Medical Administration. I have more than 25 years working in the medical field providing customer service, management, medical billing, coding and assisting families in need.

I am passionate about working with individuals and families who are seeking help with addiction. Treatment is as much for the family as it is the individual. In many cases, it is a family member who makes the initial call. Here at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center, we compassionately listen to their needs, from there we can help start the journey to recovery.

People do not find addiction – addiction finds you! We may not be your first treatment center but hope to be your last.

Mary Black

Mel Sykes

Utilization Case Manager

I am a retired Laboratory Technician/Manager of the United States Air Force. I provide exceptional service with a positive work ethic. I take great pride in my position overseeing the Managed Care Department – conducting utilization reviews, verifying insurance eligibility, and processing client claims.

I am above all a family man, happily married with two beautiful daughters.

If you Believe, you can achieve it!

Mel Sykes

Renee Johnson


I have been in the bookkeeping field for over 20 years and employed with Rocky Mountain Treatment Center for a little over a three-year period.

I have been involved with a variety of businesses doing books. I love working at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center, seeing people getting help with their addictions through all the different programs that are offered. It is life changing to be a witness to the hope our facility provides.

I love working with people who love what they do and are passionate and committed to helping others find the light.

Strive for excellence, not for perfection, because we don’t live in a perfect world.

Joyce Meyer

Cheryl Voeller

Administrative Supervisor

I am the Administrative Supervisor, Process Improvement Coordinator and Human Resources Director at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center. I hold a Bachelor’s in Psychology from MSU-Bozeman. I started my career as a counselor at a large children’s shelter and assessment program in Northern CA. It was there I discovered my passion for Residential Facilities Management.

After moving back home to Great Falls in 1994, I continued my residential facilities career in Assisted Living; opening, marketing and administrating residential care facilities for seniors. I joined the Rocky Mountain Treatment Center’s team in 2014 as the Process Improvement Coordinator and, within a few months, I accepted additional roles. I absolutely love working for Rocky Mountain Treatment Center. My responsibilities at Rocky are a combination of my favorite duties throughout my career!

Although what I do here is ‘behind the scenes’ of our clients’ treatment, I love being a part of RMTC’s fantastic team; helping to ensure a very high-quality treatment program for our clients.

Happiness is an inside job. Never assign anyone else that much power over life.

Mandy Hale

Teresa Appelwick

Administrative Assistant

I was born and raised in Northern Minnesota, which is distinctly different from Southern Minnesota, I refer to it as “God’s Country.” I went to college at Mesabi Community College and a veteran. I hold a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Public Relations and Marketing.

I enjoy time volunteering with crisis populations and community enrichment programs. Our work at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center changes the lives not only of the person here but every life they touch from here on out.

I believe family first, and motherhood as my priority mission.

I enjoy being the support staff – a caregiver of caregiver, of sorts.

Teresa Appelwick

Vicki Warbis

Health Information Manager

I am the matriarch of Rocky Mountain Treatment Center.

In 2008, I put the Medical Records Department together at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center. I am Health Information Manager, Quality Assurance, and HIPPA Security Officer.

I have a Associates of Science with emphasis on nursing, Associates of Applied Science in medical transcription, and a Certificate in medical coding.

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.

C.S. Lewis

Sarina Hernandez Morning

Treatment Assistant

When I finished High School, I thought I wanted to go into the criminal job field. Shortly after, I decided to changes routes. I found the medical field to be interesting not to explore. I became a CNA and worked alongside my mother who is a nurse. I later started working as a Treatment Assistant at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center.

My brother was a full-blown addict for over 16 years. He was in and out of prison. If he had not received treatment, he would have lived his life locked up behind bars. I wanted to be his support system. I applied for a job as a Treatment Assistant at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center. Today, he is a business owner and in recovery. Whenever he feels down, I give him inspiration. I want and need to make a difference in the lives of people struggling with addiction.

I saw the impact addiction had on our family.

Sarina Hernandez Morning

Rick Sears

Kitchen Supervisor

I am the Cook Supervisor at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center. I have been in the cooking industry for so long. I refuse to give the number of years in fear my age will be revealed.

Many people who go through addiction treatment, are under- nourished and under-weight. They become more appreciative of food. It gives me much satisfaction putting out good food. I enjoy their feedback – it makes me feel appreciated.

When not in the kitchen, I like mountain biking, hiking, and taking photos in Montana’s outdoors.

Addiction wreaks havoc on the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Rick Sears

Helen Buell


I was born and raised in Asia. My parents were missionaries, so I was blessed to travel and experience many different places. I went to school in a jungle in Malaysia.

I started working at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center, two years ago. I like the satisfaction of cleaning. I look forward to coming to work. The staff appreciates what I do. I feel my job matters.

In my spare time, I love to silk paint, dabble in the arts, and hike.

I feel like I matter!

Helen Buell

Steve Messman


When families are at the end of their rope, I will go the extra mile -- as I drive across the state to pick up clients in need of transportation to Rocky Mountain Treatment Center.

I am the “Messman,” of the center . . . Always improving the look and feel of the building. In my free time, I love to ride my motorcycle

The best pillow is a clear conscience.

Steve Messman


Love never fails,... but it does not always succeed. In order for love to be successful, it must be received.

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