Zachary LaMott


Zachary LaMott

Treatment Assistant

I was born here in Great Falls, and both of my parents have been addicts my whole life.  As much as I said I would not follow in their footsteps I ended up doing just that.  I became addicted to opiates at 13 years old after a back injury, and that led me to try meth for the first time at 16 years old.  I stayed in addiction after that.

At 18, I received a felony due to an attempt to support my habit.  I continued to get high while on probation so I was sent to NEXUS Treatment.  I continued to use and get into trouble until I finally landed in treatment court.  I have been clean and sober now since 03/04/22 and have been with RMTC since 11/05/22.  I love my job!  I have always wanted to help people so working here has been a blessing that will continue for a long time.  I am actively working on myself every day, and I am the one Jesus loves.

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