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  • After struggling with Alcoholism for over 30 years, the center opened my eyes to a new life. The counseling and care I received were awesome! The tools for a sober life that they taught me I will use always, “one day at a time.” I am writing this with a heart full of gratitude because the treatment center literally saved my life.
  • One of my favorite experiences was the equine therapy. I have always loved horses but didn’t fully realize the connection between us. . . I was a downward spiral to self-destruction, and I have everyone to thank at RMTC for helping me believe that after every storm, there’s sunshine.
  • I learned that I was completely powerless over alcohol and my life was unmanageable.  I was able to take the blinders off and truly see who I was, soon pride, anger, self-pity, were being replaced by spirituality, humility, and hope. I will be leaving RMTC soon, but I feel I have been given the tools to remain emotionally, spiritually and physically healthy.
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I Will Be There For You

When a person arrives at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center, they often feel hopeless. They do not know life without addiction -- afraid of trusting anyone other than the substance. We will be there for you to pick you up and guide you through the steps of recovery. By taking these small steps, you will feel a great new hope in life. It is our job to build a strong foundation so that recovery is sustainable and enjoyable.

We offer a second chance at life--It starts today!
Backed by our professionalism and 354 plus years of staff sobriety, we understand. We use compassion to establish a relationship built on trust and inspire people trapped in addiction. When honesty establishes, confidence builds up and the person is able to get to the heart of addiction and continue recovery.

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Healing with Horses

Equine Therapy focuses on getting to the root of what feeds the addiction. Horses sense and respond to people's feelings and honesty.
The client builds a relationship with the horse free of judgment. This new non-judgmental environment provides a healing atmosphere.
Equine Therapy shortens up the honesty cycle, by breaking downs barriers to get to the heart of the problem.

Benefits of Equine Therapy
  • Identifying and Coping with Feelings
  • Opens up Communication Skills
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Overcoming Fears
  • Building Trust & Honesty

Struggling with Addiction?

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